Saturday, October 12, 2013

DENR Spends 37 Million on Snacks

     If you have read about the SSS 270 Million Peso bonus then take a load of this shit. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has spent more than 37 Million pesos of its funds on snacks and meals. Yup, millions of pesos of taxpayers money again pocketed and wasted by these supposedly guardians of the environment!!!

     According to the Commission on Audit (COA) reports, the DENR has provided meals and snacks to its seminars and meetings that are extremely overpriced. Some of the meals costs more than Php700 per plate and most of the food were supplied by caterers even if they were bought from fast-food stores!

     Naturally, the DENR defended their actions and said that they will try their best to follow the implemented guidelines in spending their budget on snacks and meals. Well, if these assholes that are supposed to safeguard our environment can’t even decide what is best way to spend our taxes then they are worse that useless!!!

    The DENR knew that they are wasting our taxes, they deliberately overpriced the budget of the meals so that they can pocket the excess funds. The pigs in Government hire the services of caterers to supply fast-food meals at a higher cost so that they can get commissions and percentages. The caterers are probably fake, fictitious or worse; their own dummy companies like what Janet Lim Napoles did with her fake Non-Government Offices (NGOs) that stole our taxes.

     Yes, our Government sucks because it is being run and controlled by thieves!!! Die, assholes, die!!!!

SSS Top Brass Gets 1 Million Peso Bonus.

     Another controversy is exposed right after the Pork Barrel Scam. This time the Social Security System (SSS) is in the limelight. According to news reports, the Board of Directors of the SSS has given themselves 1 Million pesos each as bonus last year and SSS employees also received huge amounts  in pay supplements. More than 270 Million pesos were given away as bonuses by the SSS last year to its personnel.

    The Social Security System is being funded by its members which are mostly composed of ordinary minimum wage workers. The SSS has recently purged the list of its Senior Citizen Pensioners, old people who failed to submit themselves for verification were immediately cutoff from receiving their rightful benefits. This was strictly implemented by the SSS hierarchy to weed out the “ghost” or long dead beneficiaries and thereby stem the hemorrhaging SSS funds.

     The SSS presently collects 25Million pesos monthly from its active members and it provides 20Million pesos monthly to its pensioners; with this present situation, SSS funds are expected to last only until the year 2036. So SSS has begun purging, eradicating and housecleaning its list of pensioners to save money.

      If SSS is losing cash and is about to go belly up on 2036 then why the 270 Million peso yearly gratuity for its Board Members and employees? I mean, if the SSS is supposedly trying to increase its funds so that it can last longer and provide more services well after 2036 then shouldn’t they stop giving away huge bonuses?

      Malacanang said that the extra pay given by the SSS to its own people are legal and above board so no SSS Top Honcho is going to get axed or fired. It could be legal, lawful and legitimate but is it morally right? The SSS hierarchy admitted that funds are getting low yet they keep on wasting OUR SSS CONTRIBUTIONS!!! SSS funds may not be from our taxes but it is still from our pockets which literally means SSS MEMBER'S HARD EARNED MONEY!!!

    Latest news revealed that the SSS will again give out the same enormous extra pay this year to its personnel…. Jesus Christ! These shitheads that work in our Government have only one thing in common, they are only looking for the best way to steal our money. They pocket our taxes, rip-off our treasury and now they even pilfer our retirement/pension funds. They are all scumbags!!!

Senate President Franklin Drilon is Protecting Janet Lim Napoles.

      Did you ever wonder why Janet Lim Napoles never made it to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearings? Well, it’s because that fat, porky, greedy pig named Franklin Drilon refuses to issue a subpoena to bring Janet Lim Napoles to the Senate hearings.

     According to stinky Frank Drilon, he doesn’t want to disrespect the Ombudsman by issuing a Senate summon because a case against the 10Billion Peso Pork Barrel Scam queen has already been filed. Now, do you believe this ugly bastard? Never trust this asshole folks, not one bit!!!

      Senate President Franklin Drilon is obviously protecting or preventing Janet Lim Napoles from spilling all the beans about who benefited and masterminded the Pork Barrel Scam. Drilon denied knowing Napoles from the get go yet several photos revealed that they knew each other very well! So obviously this asshole Senate President got his own fill on the pork barrel rip-off!!!

       Senate President Frank Drilon is just protecting his ugly, fat and greedy ass from being implicated in the 10Billion Peso Pork Barrel Scam. We all know that, everybody knows that!!! I wonder who voted Frank Drilon back in the Senate anyway, I mean this prick has been stealing from us Filipinos for a long, long, long time. I guess it’s really true that Filipinos are idiots when it comes to choosing our Political Leaders….

        As for the call of actor Robin Padilla for all those involved with the scam to resign? That’s really funny, there is no HONOR among Thieves so why would these pricks resign from their posts? These are the worst scumbags in the world, they will never quit their positions and they will never stop stealing our taxes!!!

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile Funded the Zamboanga Conflict?

     According to Sen. Miriam “Brenda” Defensor-Santiago, Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile may have funded the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in its failed Zamboanga City annexation a few weeks ago. The military as well as the various media outfits have been wondering how the MNLF forces have managed to hold on and defend the different areas which they occupied.

     The MNLF have brought enough firepower and ammunition to sustain heavy fighting for more than 4 weeks. The MNLF terrorists also stashed enough supply of firebombs made from gasoline filled bottles and plastic containers which they used to set fire on the thousands of houses to cover their retreat.

     All that logistics will cost a lot of money. Money which allegedly came from Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile as reported by Sen. Miriam “Brenda” Defensor-Santiago. Php40Million was rumored to have been provided by the old scumbag to the MNLF to fund the Zamboanga siege. The main objective of the rebellion was to divert the public and media attention from the Php10Billion Pork Barrel Scam which Sen. Enrile and numerous lawmakers were implicated.

     Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is a brilliant lawyer, judge and legislator but her magnificent intellect is often clouded by  her mental disorder. Her accusations that Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile could be true but it could never be proven in court. Sen. Enrile is a sly old bastard, he has been screwing the Filipinos since the late 1960s when he worked for that asshole named Ferdinand Marcos so funding that Zamboanga City is a walk in the park for this old dog shit.

     Prior to the implementation of Martial Law in 1972, Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile faked an ambush on his vehicle and blamed it on the Communists. This paved the way for Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos to implement Martial Law which led to the rape and plunder of this nation. That pillage and embezzling carnage crafted by Ferdinand E. Marcos and his cronies which included Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile lasted for more than 14 years.

       Then in 1983,  Ninoy Aquino was assassinated when he came back to the Philippines and that led to the massive uproar from the Filipinos. Sen. Enrile spearheaded the 1986 military coup against Marcos hoping that he (Enrile) would take over as the new Dictator to further rape our nation but he failed. Corazon Aquino became the new president because it was her who was rightfully chosen by the Filipino people. At least 11 military coups were launched by that asshole named Col. Gringo Honasan, a known lapdog of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile during the Marcos Regime, Enrile likely funded and instigated those failed military takeovers so that he can sit his greedy ass on the throne in Malacanang.

       Yup, Enrile is one horny bastard when it comes to the Presidency. He really has a hard-on that won’t quit about becoming the next Dictator of the Philippines! But all evil things must eventually come to an end. So could Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile provided the Php40Million to fund the MNLF Zamboanga City siege as a smoke screen for the Php10Billion Pork Barrel Scam? Sure, that old fart can easily do that but it can never be proven in court; besides, Enrile is almost 90 years old so he will never end up in jail for any crime committed.

         Don’t fret folks, even if Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile never sees the inside of a jail cell; he will end up dead in a few years so his soul will burn in hell for eternity. Now, that keeps me inspired in writing my blogs because I know that when the Grim Reaper comes for these bastards and whores in our Government that have been lying, cheating and stealing from us Filipinos for so many decades, they will eventually pay for their sins…. Burn in Hell Scumbags!!!

Nur Misuari: Former Rebel, Ex-Governor and now…a Terrorist!

     Many weeks have passed since the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MNLF) attacked Zamboanga City. The MNLF can now be called as terrorists because they have taken hundreds of hostages and used them as human shields. The MNLF members also burned down thousands of houses to spread chaos and confusion and to hide their position from the advancing military forces.

      The MNLF was founded and headed by Nur Misuari, the group was put together to fight the Marcos government when several Muslim fighters who were being trained by the military to take back Sabah from the Malaysians were massacred by their trainers. The Muslim fighters were ordered killed by Marcos when information was leaked to the media that they were being prepared to invade and take back Sabah.

     So Nur Misuari formed the MNLF to fight the Marcos Regime and to protect his own people. This resulted to the heavy fighting in Mindanao for many years which killed many combatants from both sides as well as civilians. The MNLF was a rebel group that was fighting for its rights against the abuses made by  Marcos. Nur Misuari was considered a rebel with a cause and a Muslim hero way back then….

      When Pres. Fidel V. Ramos came to power, the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) was formed. Its main purpose was to promote peace, develop the region and to alleviate the lives of the local population. Nur Misuari was appointed as ARMM Governor and huge amounts of funding was given to him to implement the necessary changes and improvements in that region.

     Well, nothing happened. Mindanao is still war-torn, people there are still poverty and Nur Misuari seemed to have forsaken his own home and people. So Nur was ousted as ARMM Governor and in return Misuari launched an attack, took hostages and used them as human shields. The government under Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo defeated Nur Misuari, had him arrested and hauled his ass to jail.

     After a few years, Nur Misuari was released due to health and humanitarian reasons. The old rebel vowed never to launch an attack again on the Government. Until…. a peace agreement was made between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), a rival group of the MNLF and the Government under Pres. Noynoy Aquino. The administration of Pres. Noynoy Aquino has passed on the authority to the MILF leadership to build and improve Mindanao. In other words, Nur Misuari and the MNLF are out and the MILF are now in.

       That pissed off Nur Misuari and so he again instigated the attack on Zamboanga city. The MNLF forces burned homes, took hostages, killed innocent civilians. Nur Misuari wanted to get the attention of the International Muslim Community and demanded that an international organization implement a cease fire and persuade the Philippine Government and the MNLF back to the negotiating table. Simply put, Nur Misuari wants to head the ARMM once again, so he tried to sabotage the peace agreement between the MILF and the Philippine Government so that he could stay in power.

        But Misuari’s master plan has backfired. The Aquino administration has refused to agree to a ceasefire and going back to the negotiating table may never happen again. Pres. Noynoy Aquino is determined to continue the war against the MNLF rebels and the peace agreement signed by Philippine Government with MNLF in 1997 has been junked. Even the Organization of Islamic Community (OIC) are refusing to support Nur Misuari. They all know that Misuari is just destabilizing the peace agreement between the MILF and the Philippine Government. Although Indonesia has urged the Philippine Government and the MNLF to go back to the negotiating table, there is a slim chance of that pushing through.

      Nur Misuari was once a rebel fighting for the right and freedom of his oppressed people. Then he became a peacemaker and a governor to administer the needed changes to his homeland. But he failed miserably. Now he is nothing but a terrorist leader who orders the burning down of thousands of homes, destruction of properties and the killing of innocent civilians….. Once a rebel, then a Governor and now….a TERRORIST!



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile a traitor?

     Recent developments related to the 10Billion Peso Pork Barrel Scam has now former Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile’s Chief of Staff, Atty. Jessica “Gigi” Reyes accusing her former boss as betraying her and making her a scapegoat. This stemmed when Sen. Enrile said that he has no knowledge about the illegal transactions between Atty. Jessica Reyes and Janet Lim Napoles, the old lawmaker even told reporters in an interview that his signatures were forged and he has completely disavowed his former chief officer.

     Well, this renunciation of Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile caused Atty. Jessica Reyes to say in her Facebook account that if it was true that her former boss disavowed her then he has betrayed her. Sen. Enrile was quick to say that he was never a traitor and that he has never betrayed any of his people. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile even assured reporters that his long record  in public service will attest to his loyalty, steadfastness, dependability and reliability as an individual.

       I beg to disagree. Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile is indeed a traitor to his Chief of Staff, to the Filipino people and to the Republic of the Philippines. In my book, he is worse than Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ and the rest of the Apostles. Let me justify how I arrived at this conclusion.

       First, Sen. Enrile became a traitor to the Filipino people and to this nation when he agreed to fake an ambush on his vehicle when he was the Defense Minister during the Marcos Regime. He did this simulated attack and blamed it at the Communist rebels so that Ferdinand Marcos can impose the Martial on the entire country to stop the Marxists from taking over the Philippines. But in reality, Ferdinand Marcos and Juan Ponce Enrile imposed the Martial Law to silence the growing number of people who were dissatisfied to their thieving and abusive regime.

      Second, after unjustly empowering and enriching himself during the Martial Law years along with the numerous cronies of that asshole named Ferdinand Marcos; Juan Ponce Enrile spearheaded a coup plot against his Commander in Chief. Enrile said that he did this because of the massive civil unrest which resulted from the murder of former Sen. Benigno Ninoy Aquino and the cheating of the snap election results between Cory C. Aquino and Ferdinand Marcos.

         Enrile and hundreds  of troops loyal to him (Gringo Honasan was among them) barricaded themselves to two military camps and called on all military personnel to join them in ousting Ferdinand Marcos. Quick to respond was then Cardinal Sin who asked the Filipino people to surround the two military camps where the rebels were holding out to protect the coup plotters from a planned military strike from then AFP Chief Gen. Fabian Ver. Well, the rest is history. The Filipino people protected the rebels and Marcos and his evil family and demonic disciples were evicted without a single shot fired from both sides.

       Let me tell you this, Enrile started the coup against Ferdinand Marcos not because he believed that Corazon “Cory” Aquino won the snap elections. Juan Ponce Enrile launched the uprising to take advantage of the discontent and restlessness of the Filipinos so that HE CAN TAKEOVER THE PRESIDENCY AND BECOME THE NEW DICTATOR AND STEAL MORE MONEY FROM THE PEOPLE!!! But this evil plan was foiled when Cardinal Sin called on the citizenry to protect the rebel soldiers from any attack. The people went to those camps shouting “Cory, Cory, Cory!” so Juan Ponce Enrile played along to save his ass from being blown to Kingdom come by Gen. Fabian Ver. Just image what would have happened if Enrile told the people that he wants to replace Marcos as leader? The Filipinos that went to protect them would have left them all to get blown to bits!!!

       Third, Enrile betrayed the Filipino people and this nation when several coups were launched during Pres. Corazon Aquino’s administration. Sure it was Col. Gringo Honasan who lead the several coup attempts but I suspect that Enrile was behind all of it. You see folks, Juan Ponce Enrile had a hard on for the Presidency ever since he tasted all that money, power and prestige as Defense Minister. Hell, Enrile probably got so greedy that he wanted everything all to himself so betrayed his former master and again tried to get rid of Cory Aquino. Yup, this asshole is really woody when it comes to the Presidency. So near yet so far…

       So Enrile has betrayed his country and the Filipino people 3 times? Nope, Enrile betrayed this nation and its people at least 10 times because of the several coup attempts during Cory’s term. How about his evil means of unjustly enriching himself from our taxes ever since he worked for Ferdinand Marcos and up to this 10Billion Peso Pork Barrel Scam with Janet Lim Napoles? I guess this old fart has been screwing this country and its people for more than a thousand times!

       This prick has the balls to say in public that he has never betrayed anyone but I beg to differ. Juan Ponce Enrile has been a traitor all his life to our country and to the Filipino people from the day he swore alliance to that scumbag named Ferdinand Marcos. Both of them stole millions and billions of tax payer’s money and killed a lot of people who opposed their wicked ways. Just ask the Martial Law victims and their families.

         Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile is a million times worse that Judas Iscariot. Enrile has betrayed the trust and confidence of the Filipino people from day one. He stole billions of pesos from this country from the very day he worked for Marcos. He is partly to blame for the death and torture of thousands of activists during the Martial Law years because he was the Defense Secretary and he condoned it all.  Now he is disowning his former Chief of Staff who facilitated the means for him to steal his own pork barrel. I am not surprised at all. Once a thief, always a thief. A traitor will always be a TRAITOR! Enrile is worse than Marcos! Enrile is a million times worse than Judas Iscariot!!! I bet Enrile is a reincarnation of Judas and Satan!!! Die you old fart, die!!!