Sunday, January 13, 2013

9 Year Old Raped and Killed in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

     A 9 year old girl was found raped and killed in a vacant house in Dasmarinas, Cavite a many days ago. The victim was missing since New Year's Eve when her decomposing body was discovered by residents in the area. Josie May was brutally raped for several days by 4 drug crazed neighbors before she was left to die on that abandoned building.

     The 4 suspects even went to the victim's funeral wake and attended her funeral procession. These four assholes even volunteered as pall bearers and helped carry Josie May's casket on  the day that she was buried! According to witnesses, the 4 animals were neighbors of Josie May and that she trusted them like they were her older brothers.

     Well, some older brothers, eh? These beasts took turns raping her for many days and when her little, innocent body could no longer take any further sexual assault from 4 full grown maniacs, she was left alone to die like some rodent inside an abandoned house. The 4 suspects are now in jail and facing rape and murder charges but that will never bring back the life of Josie May. These assholes should be hanged or burned alive in public! That is the only way to deter these animals from ever victimizing poor little children!

     Should we bring back the Death Penalty? Nah, that will take too much time and create too many debates from the Senate, Congress and from the Church. Remember, all of our lawmakers are a bunch of assholes and are criminals too so expect nothing good from them. Besides, even if they do reimpose the Death Penalty on Heinous Crimes; these Politicians don't have the balls to implement it on hundreds or thousands of convicted criminals.

     They would probably execute 1 or 2 criminals and then postpone the rest for infinity and then eventually abolish the Death Penalty again. Just like what they did the last time.  Nothing really works in this country....EXCEPT GRAFT AND CORRUPTION WHICH OUR POLITICIANS AND GOVERNMENT LEADERS HAVE SCULPTED INTO PERFECTION!!!

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  1. Tie them up, torture them for days and let them die a much slower painful death than this poor innocent child. Let me in a 4-cornered room with no windows with them shackled and hand-cuffed. Give me a spiked-baseball bat a broom and some lubricant. Let's see how these pathetic motherfuckers like me