Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aman Futures Pyramid Scam Leader Arrested in Malaysia.

     Aman Futures Pyramiding Scam kingpin Manuel Amalilio has been arrested in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia yesterday. According to news reports, a couple of Filipinos who were duped by Amalilio have been shadowing him in Malaysia; hoping to catch the conman and they got lucky when they saw their target having lunch at a restaurant. The Filipinos immediately pounced on Amalilio to make a citizen's arrest but the swindler tried to resist them, causing a scene at the food establishment.

     It was then that the owner of the restaurant called the Malaysian cops and had all of the "trouble makers" arrested. Well, you can't blame the proprietor; any form of ruckus is bad for business. According to one of the guys that tried to make a citizen's arrest, the Malaysian Police arrested them all but when they explained that Amalilio is a crook and that he is wanted in the Philippines for embezzlement, the Malaysian authorities released them. Amalilio is still in jail for using a fake passport and bogus identification cards but how long he stays in prison is uncertain.

     The Philippine Government is now communicating with the Malaysian authorities for the immediate deportation of Amalilio to the Philippines where he had duped more than 12,000 investors and swindled more than Php12Billion. If Amalilio is a Filipino citizen then maybe the Malaysians will gladly hand his ass over but if he turns out to be a Malaysian national then it's a different story. This crook can still weasel his way out and escape the thousands of people that he victimized.

     Some people are really dumb and stupid. Manuel Amalilio chose to stay in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia and even ate at a public restaurant; didn't he know that there are thousands of Filipinos working in Kota Kinabalu? With all that money that he scammed from thousands of investors that he duped, he could have easily fled to any foreign country where he can never be arrested or recognized. Why eat in a restaurant? He can certainly afford to hire his own chef! Maybe he also forgot about takeouts!

     I guess it's a blessing that most criminals are really idiots. I mean, with all that money; he should have bought a better brain. Lol. Thank God for making most scumbags dumb! 

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