Thursday, August 29, 2013

8 Million Peso Flagpole at the Luneta Park

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is now constructing a 150-foot flagpole at the Luneta Park. The cost is almost Php8 Million!!! The old flagpole was damaged and blown to kingdom come by a powerful typhoon a few years ago, hence a better, higher and more durable flagpole is being ordered to replace it. The new flagpole is made in China, is who historically claiming the entire Philippines as a part of its territory. Isn’t that ironic? Lol.

                The DPWH claimed that the 8 million peso flagpole is already a bargain compared to other flagpoles of the same type and specifications. The DPWH even said that the country is saving hundreds of thousands of pesos from this project since the new mast will be greater, better, superior and more technologically advanced than the old post that used stand in its place.

     The DPWH is one of the most corrupt branches of our Government, in this division you can find all the crooks, thieves and maggots that make their living by wasting, pocketing and stealing our hard earned taxes. The DPWH, Bureau of Customs (BoC) and the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) are the top 3 most corrupt branches of our Government so if they tell us that they are giving us huge savings and not misappropriating our taxes then never believe them. They are lying through their teeth!!!

    The people that manage the Luneta Park defended the Php8 Million flagpole, they said that it is the country’s national flagpole so it must show and reflect the best to all, including those tourists that often visit the Luneta Park. I disagree, people and nations all over the world will never respect our country even if we have the tallest flagpole and the largest flag in the Universe if our country if full of poverty and heavily infested with Graft and Corruption.

       No matter how you sugar coat anything if deep inside it is full of shit then nobody will ever appreciate it. I mean, literally; do you want to eat a delicious looking cake if you know that if it’s made of shit inside? To be honest, our country is full of shit. Our elected leaders steal our taxes, they lie to us citizens and they cheat us every day. They unjustly enrich themselves from public funds while majority of Filipinos are in desperate need.

        Now, would a state of the art flagpole with a humongous flag flying up in the sky make our country and its citizenry become proud Filipinos? I don’t think so. As long as our Government leaders and Government personnel keep on embezzling our taxes then nothing can ever bring back the old pride and glory of this screwed up nation. The old Katipuneros (Filipino fighters during the Spanish occupation) were better off with their revolutionary flags tied into bamboo poles because they were pure in heart. They were fighting for our freedom against the Spanish abuses. They were not fighting for their pork barrels!

        To tell you honestly, I am no longer proud to be a Filipino. Not with all these maggots that masquerade as political leaders in our nation who continuously gobble, devour and engorge on our taxes. I hope that all of these pricks, cunts , bastards and bitches as well as their families and relatives that steal our taxes die a slow and painful death!!!  

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