Thursday, December 20, 2012

Volunteer Doctors and Nurses have arrived in Typhoon Damaged Areas.

     Doctors and nurses from various provinces have finally arrived in Typhoon Pablo damaged areas in Mindanao. These medical personnel are volunteers and have even brought their own supply of equipment and medicines to help the survivors of the storm.

     A few of these doctors were involved in an accident when one of their vehicles hit a fallen coconut tree and turned turtle, a few members were injured and were taken to hospital in Davao but the rest of the team went on and gave the much needed medical assistance to the typhoon victims. The medical group said that they will spend the Christmas holidays in the damaged region while providing medical aid to the population.

     Our country needs more people like these volunteer doctors and nurses. If the Philippines can only provide the much needed jobs for the medical personnel, especially the nurses then our medical experts don't have to leave our country to find work abroad. Just imagine, thousands of Filipino nurses are working abroad to provide medical services to foreigners yet in our own nation, millions of Filipinos have no access to basic health care.

     Let us all thank these volunteer workers who are unselfishly helping these typhoon victims; the soldiers, the police, the navy, the doctors and nurses, the media outfits and of course, the foreigners who are working side by side with the Filipinos. We may never help those that have already perished but at least there are lots of relief and support arriving for the survivors. May God bless those people....

     Update: Death toll from Typhoon Pablo has surpassed the 1,000 mark. More than 800 people are still missing and are feared dead....

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