Monday, March 11, 2013

Sabah Standoff Ends in Massacre.

     The Sabah standoff that started 3 weeks ago eventually ended in the massacre of more than 50 Sultan Royal Security Forces after Malaysian troops decided to wage and all-out war against them. More than 3,000 Malaysian troops armed with high-powered assault weapons, armored personnel carriers, tanks, helicopter gunships and fighter jets attacked and bombarded the hideout of the Filipinos.

     3,000 heavily armed Malaysian troops against 200 Filipinos! This is probably the worst example of over-zealousness and clearly an over reaction from the Malaysian Government. This is OVERKILL; nothing more, nothing less. Pres. Noynoy Aquino also screwed up the situation, instead of telling the Sultan Royal Security Forces about the dangers of their actions against the cocky Malaysian Government; the President threatened to file criminal charges and arrest the followers of the Sulu Sultan.

     Now, who in his right mind would happily come home so that he will be arrested and jailed for Rebellion? By the way, how can they be charged with Rebellion when Sabah is rightfully theirs and was never part of the Philippines or Malaysia? It was owned by the Sultanate of Brunei and then ceded to the Sultanate of Sulu more than 200 hundreds of years ago and was then leased or rented to the British. It is called Northern Borneo and not Sabah, Malaysia!

     Sabah or Northern Borneo as it was originally named never became a part of the Philippines or Malaysia. The claim of Malaysia that Sabah was ceded or given to them by the British or by the original Sultan of Sulu is simply preposterous. How can own something if you are renting or leasing it? The British North Borneo Company was only renting Sabah from the Sultan of Sulu, which is a known fact. Malaysia’s assertion that Sabah was PERMANENTLY LEASED to them is also ridiculous and outrageous! There is no such thing as permanent lease, you dumb SOBs!

     Just take a look at Hong Kong; it was handed over by the Brits to the Chinks after 155 years. “The British control of Hong Kong began in 1842, when China was forced to cede Hong Kong Island to Britain after the First Opium War. In 1984 Britain and China signed the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which stipulated that Hong Kong return to the Chinese rule in 1997 as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) of China. The Joint Declaration and a Chinese law called the Basic Law, which followed in 1990, provide for the SAR to operate with a high degree of economic autonomy for 50 years beyond 1997. “ (Source: Encarta 2009)

     The only difference between China and the Sultan of Sulu is that the Sultan now is a poor private individual while China was one of the emerging economic powers in 1990. The heirs of the Sultan of Sulu are now powerless and broke that is why the Malaysian Government are butchering them like pigs. If they are wealthy, prosperous and well-armed now then the Malaysians are the ones being massacred and being blown to Kingdom come by this conflict. Yup, it really sucks when you are poor and destitute…


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