Friday, November 23, 2012

50,000 Sacks of NFA Iron Fortified Rice Rotting in Warehouses!

     More than 50,000 sacks of iron fortified rice bought by the National Food Authority (NFA) since 2008 are now expired and rotting in the agency's warehouses. The rice were bought at Php6,000 each sack (the NFA buys rice imports at a higher price and resells them at a cheaper rate so that poor folks can afford to buy it) so the 50,000 cavans are worth more than Php300Million. Yup, 300 million pesos worth of precious grain again wasted and decaying in various NFA grain depots all over the country. In a third world country like the Philippines where there are millions of poor and starving Filipinos, such a huge figure is staggering. This is simply unacceptable!

     Apparently, the public didn't patronize the NFA iron fortified rice due to its dark and unappetizing color. The NFA authorities said the public thought that the unusual dark discoloration of the grains were a sign of inferior quality so the people never bought it and avoided it like it was the plague. Well, that's a good sign; at least even the poor folks wouldn't eat anything that the Government feeds them. Most Filipinos maybe destitute but they are not dumb and stupid. It also reflects the distrust and suspicion of the Filipinos on their own Government.

     Can we blame the ordinary Filipino for not trusting and not believing in their own Government? Let's see, if you have been screwed by your own leaders for so many times would you still believe them? Hell, I wouldn't have faith in them too! So now, more than 50,000 sacks of highly nutritious but dirty and expired looking rice are rotting at the NFA and guess what the head of that agency is telling the public. The NFA boss said that the outdated rice is still fit for human consumption and that it is still okay to eat, although the agency have not conducted any scientific tests to prove that the grains are indeed safe to chomp on. What the Government is really saying is this, "eat this rotten and shitty rice because we don't really give a shit if poor folks die!"

     Do you believe this crap? The NFA says its okay for the poor to eat the expired rice since nobody has died from it yet and the only way to find out if it's really safe is for the indigent folks to gobble it down! The rice is to be resold and not given away for free folks! Well, I have a better idea. Why not let these pricks in Government and their families eat that crappy rice first and if they don't end up  frothing in the mouth like rabid dogs then....they can shove that expired rice up in their corrupt asses! Don't you just love the people that work in our Government? Yup, if you want to find where the most stupid, corrupt and evil people are; you don't have to look far, just look at the various government agencies and there you will find them. There you will surely discover a treasure trove of the dumbest, laziest, vilest and the worst piece of shitheads and 100% dickheads!!!

     This overstocking and wasting of rice has been happening over and over since the beginning of time in our country, so don't you believe that this is an honest mistake from the Government or from the NFA. The Government and the NFA is deliberately ordering too much rice supply from other countries so that they can get more kickbacks from the contracts. Then still not satisfied from their illegal but highly rewarding activities, the Government and the NFA are intentionally allowing the rice stocks to rot in their warehouses so that they can resell it to the companies that manufacture animal feeds.

     The NFA would rather let the grains rot rather than distribute it for free to the poor folks because they won't make money that way. Now you know why this shit keeps on occurring very year in this country; over stocking of rice and the usual expiration and decomposition of precious and expensive grains. It's really simple folks; it's the handy work of of the greedy, voracious and insatiable hunger for money of the people that work in our various Government Agencies! Clever SOBs! May you all die of Diarrhea, scumbags!!!

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