Monday, February 04, 2013

OFW in Saudi Arabia Escapes Execution.

     An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Saudi Arabia who was sentenced to die by beheading or decapitation has escaped his execution. Dondon Lanuza, 38, was in jail for more than 12 years now after killing a Saudi national who tried to rape him. Lanuza was then a 27 year old young man who went to the oil rich Arab country to earn money for his family back in the Philippines.

      Lanuza was already considered a "dead man walking" unless he pays the "blood money" that his victim's family demands in exchange for their loss. The "blood money" is about Php36Million so raising that amount is no joke. Lanuza needed a miracle and lots of money to escape certain death.

     So Dondon made an account on popular social websites to try and raise the 36 million pesos to keep his head attached to his body. He managed to collect Php7Million but that is still more than Php28Million short for his life and freedom. Luckily, the King of Saudi Arabia took pity on him and shouldered the remaining balance for Lanuza's deliverance.

     Miracles do happen everyday! Thank God this young man can now come home to his family after 12 long years in prison in a faraway land.... To all OFWs out there, be safe and watch your butt. In foreign countries where women have no freedom and are sold like cattle, men who have no money to buy a wife will rape your ass!

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